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Today was the best kind of day ever: Cupcakes With Friends Day! (If I ruled the world, this day would be everyday, but I don’t, so…)

Saturday is usually always my morning waffles day— a little treat I look forward to all week— but since I knew ahead of time that I was going to be indulging later, I prepped cheddar cheese and spinach scrambled eggs instead (one of my new favorites for breakfast) and paired it with the last of my remaining strawberries.

After that, I did a few late morning chores and organized some things I’d been turning a blind eye to since last week. Basically, I was just wasting time until it was time for…


I met up with my gay, Michael, and my newest friend, Katie (who just so happens to be my new gym buddy!), at one of Savannah’s hidden gems, Back In The Day Bakery.

It took each of us a few moments of careful deliberation to choose a cupcake flavor; Michael and I both decided on red velvet, and Katie picked an Old Fashioned.

Cute, isn’t it?

Katie and I were crafty and made little flowers out of our cupcake wrappers. I think the art student in us was showing just a little…

It was a perfect little afternoon outing with friends that cleared my head from all the cluttered stress of last week. Sometimes, all you need is a cupcake to make things better.

Now I’m knee deep in photo-editing for my Studio II final project. Michael was kind enough to model for me today, so I need to do him some serious thank-you-for-being-awesome justice and makes these photographs stellar!


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