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This past week, I’ve been struggling with negative body image something fierce. Since dropping the weight last year, I’ve ping-ponged back and forth between being pleased with the changes on my body and being disappointed by all the remaining imperfections. Living in a media-driven world saturated with images of size 0 models makes my head spin in circles. Logically, I know it’s not healthy to be that small— that it’s an unhealthy society’s projected expectation of women— but there I would sit in front of the mirror, distressed nonetheless.

Being single for the last four years has made it horridly easy for a girl like me to fall into misconceptions about female expectations. I constantly battle the nasty voice that tries to convince me that I’ve remained single for so long simply because no one has found me attractive; I refuse to believe it. I refuse because I know— I know— that my life has always unfolded in the most wonderful way, exactly as needed, and that if I haven’t found that “right someone” yet, it’s because they have yet to appear. But then I pass a gorgeously happy couple on the street and the cycle starts all over again…

So today I decided to do a little photoshoot. I challenged myself to keep shooting until I captured a shot where I thought, “Hey, that’s pretty.” And though the shoot came out a little moodier than expected (this week has been trying, I suppose), I’m think it helped pull me out of my slump.

What do you do to make yourself feel beautiful?


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