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hello, blog world!

Maybe it’s cheesy, but I feel like this first post should be introductory. Every journey needs a starting action, right? So without further ado…

that's me!

That dork waving at you? Yeah, that’s me. I’m Katie. I’m a twenty-one year old fighting for things in my life that most people don’t give a second thought about these days: health, satisfaction, inner strength (and the outer strength to match it), happiness, positivity, self-esteem, and a stress-free lifestyle. That list is no easy achievement, especially while submersed in the land of apathetic, burnt out college kids. But I’m a constant dreamer— I think anything is possible.

lazy kitters in my bedroom

I live in Savannah, Georgia with this plump purr-kitty named Sirius (named in memoriam for Sirius Black. Yes, I am a huge Harry Potter nerd) in this aqua painted room. I’m a senior scholarship student at Savannah College of Art and Design, living the college dream (though sometimes it’s more like the college not-so-dream). In three months, all of this will be over. Everything I’ve built the last four years will be packed away in carboard boxes addressed to Destination Unknown. That’s more than a little terrifying.

A year ago, I decided to make some serious lifestyle changes. I’d spent twenty years being the wallflower— the self-doubting doormat that everyone wiped their feet on— and I was finally frustrated enough to make a change. When I looked inside, I saw someone no one else could: a girl who wasn’t buried under her weight; who wasn’t afraid to speak up for her feelings; who deserved love and all the positive things the world had to offer. I started eating better, started exercising, started pushing myself to do things that put me out of my comfort zone enough to cause what I call a “change reaction.”

my heart

To create a daily reminder for myself, I got my favorite shape in the whole wide world tattooed onto my chest: the heart shape. The most important thing in my life has always been love, as cheesy as it may sound. The people who love and support me in my life have hearts bigger than life itself; they’re my everything— the people who inspire me to be the best person I can be. But it also served as a gigantic reminder to simply love myself, something that I’d been off and on about doing beforehand.

And it paid off. A year later, I’ve lost forty pounds. And even though I’m still another thirty pounds away from my final goal weight, the changes I’ve managed to ignite within myself during this process are worth everything.

Every day I learn a little more about being myself, and I look forward to sharing the rest of that journey here, with you. So if you’ve found yourself here reading, please stick around! This heartist needs all the support she can get!


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