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Spring break has come and gone way too fast.

It started on the last day of classes with the arrival of my best friend, Shannon, and two boys I adore, Sean and Eli.

Since Shannon is vegetarian, and Eli vegan, finding places to eat in Savannah became quite an obstacle, but I’m pleased to report we triumphed.

The first meal we had was at the Sentient Bean— a little hipster coffee shop at the base of Forsyth Park that serves super-yum (and surprisingly healthy) paninis, among other things. I got a mozzerella pesto panini and, as you can see, completely devoured it. So yummy!

After lunch, we wandered through Forsyth to see the fountain dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day.

Then we cornered a passing hipster and asked him to take our photo. He grudgingly agreed. Thank you, anonymous hipster boy!

It had been almost two weeks since I’d been to Forsyth; I was excited to see signs of Spring popping up everywhere. I don’t know what these flowering trees are called, but they are gorgeous right now.

That night we decided to celebrate everyone being together by eating at The Melting Pot— somewhere I had never been but always wanted to, so it was a huge treat! Even though the prices are outrageous, it was a fun time out as a group.

I chose shrimp and sirloin as my entree and ate more than I had in weeks….. literally.

After eating all that food, I couldn’t believe we were going to try to eat dessert, too…

But as you can see… my side of the table didn’t let it go to waste…

Dinner even included fake mustaches! ;)

The next morning, we started off the day at one of my Savannah favorites, Firefly Cafe. I love eating outside on the park square there and it’s only two blocks from our apartment.

After that, we headed down to River Street to take part in the pre-St. Patrick’s day celebrations, which was basically a bunch of drunk people in crazy green outfits roaming around. Not really my thing… but we did have fun, and Sean was nice enough to buy us all two rounds of Strongbow.

We finished off their last night with a gigantic feast at Sakura.

Their visit was the highlight of the break week. After they left (so sad), I spent a lot of time “spring cleaning,” and then a lot more time working on my application for the design fellowship I’m applying for. I also managed to spend time working on my manuscript, which I am very excited (if not a little guilty) about.

For the last day of spring break, I decided to go out with a little retail therapy. I had a top to exchange at LOFT (and a 20% off coupon!) and ended up being very glad that I traded it in…

… because I finally own a pair of shorts for the first time in years.

I also found another something that somehow ended up coming home in my bag.

Best of all? Check out the size on that dress! :)

Now I say goodbye to spring break, and hello to the first day of my last quarter of college… Scary.


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