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winter finals

If you’ve been wondering what hole I’ve fallen into… it has a name, and it’s name is Finals.

Usually when this time of the quarter rolls around, I only manage to average about four hours of sleep each night. I was determined not to let that happen this go round, so I’ve done my best to plan ahead for the chaos and so far, I’m pleased to share that it’s paying off.

I’ve been trying to stay very conscious of not letting stress and anxiety bully my nerves as per usual. This has required a balanced recipe of: hearty breakfasts, scheduled gym time, eight hours of sleep every night, smart snacks, planned indulgences, and abundant laughter with friends. Who can argue with those ingredients?

It’s all pretty tasty! (That black lump closest to my shoulder is my snoozing purrhead. He’s completely untouched by any stress finals could bring, lucky guy!)

The only thing I’ve had to battle is the constant urge to indulge in the typical college Finals Binge. In the past, I haven’t hesitated to give in under all the stress. But since there is currently no pizza, cupcakes, chocolate, cookies, or chips in the house, I’m being forced to settle on the closest thing to binge carbs I have:

It’ll just have to do for now. Though, I think there may be a few hard-earned slices of pizza with my name on them come this weekend…


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