do you believe in magic?

I do.


spring break

Spring break has come and gone way too fast.

It started on the last day of classes with the arrival of my best friend, Shannon, and two boys I adore, Sean and Eli.

Since Shannon is vegetarian, and Eli vegan, finding places to eat in Savannah became quite an obstacle, but I’m pleased to report we triumphed.

The first meal we had was at the Sentient Bean— a little hipster coffee shop at the base of Forsyth Park that serves super-yum (and surprisingly healthy) paninis, among other things. I got a mozzerella pesto panini and, as you can see, completely devoured it. So yummy!

After lunch, we wandered through Forsyth to see the fountain dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day.

Then we cornered a passing hipster and asked him to take our photo. He grudgingly agreed. Thank you, anonymous hipster boy!

It had been almost two weeks since I’d been to Forsyth; I was excited to see signs of Spring popping up everywhere. I don’t know what these flowering trees are called, but they are gorgeous right now.

That night we decided to celebrate everyone being together by eating at The Melting Pot— somewhere I had never been but always wanted to, so it was a huge treat! Even though the prices are outrageous, it was a fun time out as a group.

I chose shrimp and sirloin as my entree and ate more than I had in weeks….. literally.

After eating all that food, I couldn’t believe we were going to try to eat dessert, too…

But as you can see… my side of the table didn’t let it go to waste…

Dinner even included fake mustaches! ;)

The next morning, we started off the day at one of my Savannah favorites, Firefly Cafe. I love eating outside on the park square there and it’s only two blocks from our apartment.

After that, we headed down to River Street to take part in the pre-St. Patrick’s day celebrations, which was basically a bunch of drunk people in crazy green outfits roaming around. Not really my thing… but we did have fun, and Sean was nice enough to buy us all two rounds of Strongbow.

We finished off their last night with a gigantic feast at Sakura.

Their visit was the highlight of the break week. After they left (so sad), I spent a lot of time “spring cleaning,” and then a lot more time working on my application for the design fellowship I’m applying for. I also managed to spend time working on my manuscript, which I am very excited (if not a little guilty) about.

For the last day of spring break, I decided to go out with a little retail therapy. I had a top to exchange at LOFT (and a 20% off coupon!) and ended up being very glad that I traded it in…

… because I finally own a pair of shorts for the first time in years.

I also found another something that somehow ended up coming home in my bag.

Best of all? Check out the size on that dress! :)

Now I say goodbye to spring break, and hello to the first day of my last quarter of college… Scary.

the runaways

I’m so ridiculously excited for this movie!

winter finals

If you’ve been wondering what hole I’ve fallen into… it has a name, and it’s name is Finals.

Usually when this time of the quarter rolls around, I only manage to average about four hours of sleep each night. I was determined not to let that happen this go round, so I’ve done my best to plan ahead for the chaos and so far, I’m pleased to share that it’s paying off.

I’ve been trying to stay very conscious of not letting stress and anxiety bully my nerves as per usual. This has required a balanced recipe of: hearty breakfasts, scheduled gym time, eight hours of sleep every night, smart snacks, planned indulgences, and abundant laughter with friends. Who can argue with those ingredients?

It’s all pretty tasty! (That black lump closest to my shoulder is my snoozing purrhead. He’s completely untouched by any stress finals could bring, lucky guy!)

The only thing I’ve had to battle is the constant urge to indulge in the typical college Finals Binge. In the past, I haven’t hesitated to give in under all the stress. But since there is currently no pizza, cupcakes, chocolate, cookies, or chips in the house, I’m being forced to settle on the closest thing to binge carbs I have:

It’ll just have to do for now. Though, I think there may be a few hard-earned slices of pizza with my name on them come this weekend…

cupcake day!

Today was the best kind of day ever: Cupcakes With Friends Day! (If I ruled the world, this day would be everyday, but I don’t, so…)

Saturday is usually always my morning waffles day— a little treat I look forward to all week— but since I knew ahead of time that I was going to be indulging later, I prepped cheddar cheese and spinach scrambled eggs instead (one of my new favorites for breakfast) and paired it with the last of my remaining strawberries.

After that, I did a few late morning chores and organized some things I’d been turning a blind eye to since last week. Basically, I was just wasting time until it was time for…


I met up with my gay, Michael, and my newest friend, Katie (who just so happens to be my new gym buddy!), at one of Savannah’s hidden gems, Back In The Day Bakery.

It took each of us a few moments of careful deliberation to choose a cupcake flavor; Michael and I both decided on red velvet, and Katie picked an Old Fashioned.

Cute, isn’t it?

Katie and I were crafty and made little flowers out of our cupcake wrappers. I think the art student in us was showing just a little…

It was a perfect little afternoon outing with friends that cleared my head from all the cluttered stress of last week. Sometimes, all you need is a cupcake to make things better.

Now I’m knee deep in photo-editing for my Studio II final project. Michael was kind enough to model for me today, so I need to do him some serious thank-you-for-being-awesome justice and makes these photographs stellar!

beauty boost

This past week, I’ve been struggling with negative body image something fierce. Since dropping the weight last year, I’ve ping-ponged back and forth between being pleased with the changes on my body and being disappointed by all the remaining imperfections. Living in a media-driven world saturated with images of size 0 models makes my head spin in circles. Logically, I know it’s not healthy to be that small— that it’s an unhealthy society’s projected expectation of women— but there I would sit in front of the mirror, distressed nonetheless.

Being single for the last four years has made it horridly easy for a girl like me to fall into misconceptions about female expectations. I constantly battle the nasty voice that tries to convince me that I’ve remained single for so long simply because no one has found me attractive; I refuse to believe it. I refuse because I know— I know— that my life has always unfolded in the most wonderful way, exactly as needed, and that if I haven’t found that “right someone” yet, it’s because they have yet to appear. But then I pass a gorgeously happy couple on the street and the cycle starts all over again…

So today I decided to do a little photoshoot. I challenged myself to keep shooting until I captured a shot where I thought, “Hey, that’s pretty.” And though the shoot came out a little moodier than expected (this week has been trying, I suppose), I’m think it helped pull me out of my slump.

What do you do to make yourself feel beautiful?

hello, blog world!

Maybe it’s cheesy, but I feel like this first post should be introductory. Every journey needs a starting action, right? So without further ado…

that's me!

That dork waving at you? Yeah, that’s me. I’m Katie. I’m a twenty-one year old fighting for things in my life that most people don’t give a second thought about these days: health, satisfaction, inner strength (and the outer strength to match it), happiness, positivity, self-esteem, and a stress-free lifestyle. That list is no easy achievement, especially while submersed in the land of apathetic, burnt out college kids. But I’m a constant dreamer— I think anything is possible.

lazy kitters in my bedroom

I live in Savannah, Georgia with this plump purr-kitty named Sirius (named in memoriam for Sirius Black. Yes, I am a huge Harry Potter nerd) in this aqua painted room. I’m a senior scholarship student at Savannah College of Art and Design, living the college dream (though sometimes it’s more like the college not-so-dream). In three months, all of this will be over. Everything I’ve built the last four years will be packed away in carboard boxes addressed to Destination Unknown. That’s more than a little terrifying.

A year ago, I decided to make some serious lifestyle changes. I’d spent twenty years being the wallflower— the self-doubting doormat that everyone wiped their feet on— and I was finally frustrated enough to make a change. When I looked inside, I saw someone no one else could: a girl who wasn’t buried under her weight; who wasn’t afraid to speak up for her feelings; who deserved love and all the positive things the world had to offer. I started eating better, started exercising, started pushing myself to do things that put me out of my comfort zone enough to cause what I call a “change reaction.”

my heart

To create a daily reminder for myself, I got my favorite shape in the whole wide world tattooed onto my chest: the heart shape. The most important thing in my life has always been love, as cheesy as it may sound. The people who love and support me in my life have hearts bigger than life itself; they’re my everything— the people who inspire me to be the best person I can be. But it also served as a gigantic reminder to simply love myself, something that I’d been off and on about doing beforehand.

And it paid off. A year later, I’ve lost forty pounds. And even though I’m still another thirty pounds away from my final goal weight, the changes I’ve managed to ignite within myself during this process are worth everything.

Every day I learn a little more about being myself, and I look forward to sharing the rest of that journey here, with you. So if you’ve found yourself here reading, please stick around! This heartist needs all the support she can get!